Campus Buildings


So I've got a three and a half hour break during the day which is super unfortunate. However, this beautiful building makes studying a lot easier. It's so open and airy and when the sun is shining it comes in through the glass ceiling. It's all very calming. Plus theres a cafe 50ft away that serves many delicious dishes. 

The only thing about this building is you can't get up stairs unless you have a pass that lets you use the elevator, so I spent a good deal of time today wondering what exactly was going on up there. As well as thinking about how important I would feel if I did have a pass, and could access those upper floors. I cam to the conclusion that I would feel very very important and have my pass super visible all the time while in the building so everyone would know that I could get to those floors. Because that's a normal thing to think right? 

Talking about buildings on campus, we have a pulp and paper centre. Why do we have a pulp and paper centre and what exactly does it do? My friend and I are going to go in and take a look one of these days. She suggested we do it dressed all in black walking super stealthily so that we would be incognito, which makes total sense when trying to appear like normal people just walking around a building with a purpose and not just trying to peer through windows and doors to figure out what exactly the purpose of said building is. 

To end, heres a picture of the pharmaceutical sciences building which was clearly modelled after a child stacking blocks. It's very pretty though. How unhappy would you be in you got stuck with the office that in the little hole area, surrounded by the blocks that stick out and take away all your sun and pretty outdoorsey views. I would not be impressed. 

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