How Many Cue Cards?


My last final this term got rescheduled due to many many inches of snow falling and an inability for the university and the city, which rarely see this kind of weather, to cope with it. So now that I've finally finished my finals I decided to count up the cue cards that I made for Earth and Life Through time - a course which sounds far more exciting than it really is.


293 cue cards that I spent hours and hours writting out, not to mention the countless (not really, but at this point I just became lazy) pages of mind-maps and time lines and memory aids. Its just craziness. What am I supposed to do with all this now that the singular course they will ever be useful for is over? It seems like such a waste to just get rid of them, yes I will be recycling the regular printer paper pages, but what about the cue cards that I spent hours painstakingly writing out?

They need a better life, a happier life, than a student angrily throwing them about the room because she can't remember which is the older fish, Myllokunmingia or Haikouichthys because the prof and the textbook disagree. My new challenge is to figure out some way to us,  them even if it's only the tiny coloured strips on the end.    

Perhaps I shall weave a tiny coloured basket. 

I found a picture of the snow


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  1. weave a tiny coloured basket!
    and then take a picture and blog about it too :)