Sanity Is a Cozy Lie


I just really like this quote

I'm not 100% sure why, but I read it somewhere, it may have been one of my knock knock journals. If I am right it is the one called "My Dysfunctions." Anyway, after reading it I couldn't help but turn it into something I could put on my wall, because that is something I do. 

I don't really take it to mean that everyone is insane and those who think they are sane are lying to themselves. I see it more as everyone is a bit weird, we've all got some baggage and sometimes it makes us act in strange ways, do strange things, and that if you think you're 100% normal, typical, nothing going on here person... Well you're probably not. 

To be typical to me is to be weird and different. People who seem like the most cookie cutter, perfect, normal human beings all have their idiosyncrasies about them and when you get to know them and they let these things show is when you realize that really there just like you, a bit weird, just maybe weird in a way that is different than yours. 

I've never looked up the meaning to this quote, I've never wanted to know what exactly it is supposed to be talking about. I think that's is something great with quotes, in that they resonate with everyone a bit differently.