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Hello all,
So I went into Mac today, and usually I can restrain myself, but not this time. I ended up purchasing the peach toned blush from Mac's Temperature Rising collection for this summer. Homygoodness, if you haven't already gone in to take a look, go now, before everything is gone. I am a blush addict, I have far more blush than a girl could ever use and yet I find myself buying more and more, and today was no exception.

Ripe For Love is a beautiful (satin) peach blush that I just had to have. It has a little bit of sparkle and shimmer to it that looks gorgeous in the sun, but it's not so overpowering that your cheeks remind people of a disco ball.

It looks a bit different in the shade, so I included swatches both in the sun and the shade. The picture above is in slight shade, while the left
swatch is in rather dark shade, and of course the swatch on the right is in the sun.

I think this blush is just beautiful. It retails for $27.50 CAD and I would definitely go pick this up while it's around.

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