NARS Pierre Hardy Blushes


I'll admit it, I got sucked in by the pretty white boxes and the the sparkley overlay. 
Once you get past that, the blushes are still beautiful. However, they are, in my opinion, ridiculously expensive ($48 CAD), and the only reason I was willing to get them was that I wasnt actually spending my money, I was using my points up at Murale. If you're in the market for a splurge blush though these are beautiful. 

Boys Don't Cry (above) is a rose coloured blush, with maybe some subtle peach in there as well, and it is the one that caught my eye in the store. The colour is best represented by the small picture above, the largest picture is more pink than in reality, but doesn't it look so pretty sitting in the grass?
Rotonde is easier to describe. It's orange. Very much orange. But as orange is my favourite colour, I'm a fan. Both blushes are easy to apply and can either apply a nice light wash of colour (provided you're working with a light hand, as they are quite pigmented) and the colour can easily be built up.

 The overlay that is oh so beautiful is also quite sparkly and that does show up when you apply the blushes. If you don't like sparkles then you probably wont like these at first, however, it is just an overlay and after using it enough it will go away and the blushes appear to be matte, admittedly it is difficult to be certain with the sparkles from the overlay everywhere. 

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