Nail Quickie - China Glaze - Neon&On&On


Hi all, 
I painted my nails with China Glaze's Neon & On & On, a vibrant pink colour, this past saturday. Unfortunately, by mid day today (Tuesday) nearly all my nails have chipped either a little bit or a lot. 
I found this polish to chip much more easily than Sun of a Peach or Highlight of My Summer which I purchased at the same time. I used the same base and top coat with each of the polishes and did my nails in the same way, it just seems this particular polish chips more easily. 

The colour was not quite as neon as I had hoped (especially because of the name), I did not however use a white base coat which could make a significant difference. It is possible I also have unrealistic expectations of the ability of a nail polish to be extremely neon. 

I tried to photograph my nails with this polish on but before I could find lighting where the colour translated into a photo and all my nails began to chip. 

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