Laura Mercier - Flawless Skin Face Polish


Hi all, 
Really all I want to say is that this is my most favourite exfoliator ever. I feel like that sums up this product nicely. Don't worry though, I'll tell you why. 

Essentially I think that this product has the most perfect consistency. It has very fine granules in it which exfoliate extremely well, but at the same time its gentle. As you'll be able to see below there are no giant plastic exfoliating beads that can be found in some cleansers and exfoliators. However on the Laura Mercier website it does list "purifying micro beads" in the product details. Whether or not an size of "bead" is good for my skin I am not sure, perhaps I will look into that for a later post.

Regardless, I love this exfoliator, and got one of my friends hooked on it as well. I find it is able to remove the dead dry skin cells that are sometimes left behind by other product and makes my skin feel soft and smooth, which I love.

It retails for $36 CAD for 3.4 ounces, or $55 CAD for 6.8 ounces.

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