Mac - Lust


Hi all,
So I'm a bit late with this, but better late than never, right? I bought this probably about a month ago, took the pictures... and then never did anything with it. Oops.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Lust is just beautiful. I have a blush obsession, but this is just so much more than that (it's a mineralize skinfinish after all so it better be). Its a beautiful pink colour with a shimmer to it.

There's really not much else I have to say, other than if you can get your hands on it I highly recommend that you go get it.

I'm really hoping I'm getting to the end of my sickness so I can be on top of things again. We shall see.

Marc Jacobs - Dot


Hi all, 
So the other day I had plans, and then the plans fell through... so obviously I went shopping. I purchased Dot by Marc Jacobs which I have been wanting for a couple months now. 

The scent is described as "top notes of red berries, mid notes of jasmine, and base notes of driftwood for a bold feminine scent." Personally I mostly pick out the berries in the scent, and cant really place either jasmine or driftwood, that could just be because I have a cold though. I haven't noticed a particularly good staying power, after 5 hours I can only smell the faintest trace of it, so I don't think it's a last all day perfume. 

Even with that I still love the scent and am happy I finally got it. 

Sick and Tired


Hi all,
I have been experiencing a variety of sicknesses... all August basically and I am just exhausted. I've currently got a cold and used an entire box of 94 tissues in a day. Hopefully the end of August I can get back to normal. I hope so because I am just so tired of being sick... and tired. That's all. Thanks.