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Hi all,
My name is Miranda. And I'm a blush-a-holic. Keep reading for my thoughts on the Clinique pop blushes.

These blushes have been sold out at my local Sephoras as well as Sephora online. Luckily The Bay recently got their stock in and I was able to pick up 3 of them. Unfortunately they were already out of Peach Pop

I love the packaging of these blushes and the flower detailing of the actual blush itself. They're small and compact (measuring 2in/5cm in diameter and 3/4 of an inch/ nearly 2cm tall) so they'd be great choices to bring with you on a holiday as they wouldn't take up much room. As well the packaging seem really sturdy so the likelihood of them dropping and smashing seems very small (don't take my word for it though! Be careful, treat them with love)

Heavy swatches of berry, ginger and plum pop
Light and far away swatches of ginger, berry and plum pop

On the last sets of swatches here I had to apply more plum pop because it did not appear like it was showing up (at least in the preview of my camera):
Set 1 is ginger, berry and plum pop with the original amount of product swatches
Set 2 is the same swatch for ginger and berry, but with a heavier application of plum pop
Set 3 i turned my hand to reflect the light differently putting ginger into a shadowed position and plum out of the shadow into the light to get a better send of what the blushes looked like int he different lights.

I like these blushes a lot. Looking at the swatches in real life and now on my computer I don't think the second application of plum pop was necessary. Between Berry and Plum pop in some lights it's hard to tell the difference between the two and in others its very easy.

The only one I have actually used is ginger pop and I like it very much. It look nice in natural light and I especially like it in a more yellow toned light you get from some light bulbs. Initially just looking at them it was my least favourite of all four, but it has won me over (that may be because its the only one I've used)

I did notice that when I leaned my face on my watch some of the blush transferred from my cheek to my watch. I had no primer or setting spray on today so that might be something you'll want to use to try and avoid that transfer.

Overall I like these blushes and if you can get your hands on one I would suggest picking it up (maybe not all three though, I didn't even need to do that.. and yet I did)

-- Miranda 

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