Coach Spring Discount - Tristen Watch


Hi all,
Currently Coach has a sale going on. If you like their Facebook page and provide them with your information you'll get a 1 time 25% off coupon with barcode for in store use, and online code if you want to purchase through their website - better hurry, the coupon is only valid until March 27th.

I saw this and thought EXCELLENT I need a new handbag (no I don't) so I popped into the coach store and had a browse around and left with.. a watch. Not a handbag I didn't need, instead I got a watch, which I also didn't need but I have wanted a gold watch with a blue face for literally 2 years and I just couldn't help myself.

I love this watch. What more can you really say about a watch. It effectively tells the time, it has three smaller dials inside, one for day of the week, one for date, and one for 24 hour time. Its not too big, or too small. Its not too blingy (i don't like heavily bejewelled watches) but the numbers except for the 12 are crystals which I like.

That's all I have to say about that. Now go get yourself 25% off.

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  1. Wow! That sounds like a great deal! I'll have to check it out.