Lise Watier - Imagine


Hi all,
On one of my recent trips to Shoppers I spied this blush almost hidden away with the Lise Watier display kind of shoved awkwardly on a shelf on top of the Clinique area. I don't know it was odd, but I saw it and I swatched it and I love it.

Can we first take a moment to appreciate this beautiful packaging. Its just so gorgeous and makes me very happy. I am such a sucker for packaging.

The design of the actual blush is what caught my eye in store. Its a pretty mosaic pattern with mostly light to medium pinks but theres also a deeper burgundy/cranberry/raspberry colour making the mosaic patter which I think adds something to the overall colour of the blush.

The left swatch above is in full on light, and for the right swatch I tilted my arm slightly so it was in the shadow. One of the things I love about this blush is no shimmer. Don't get me wrong I love me a bit of shimmer, but its not something I want all the time.

I wore this blush for a 7 hour work day and it stayed on all day, it may have faded a little through the day but it was definitely still hanging in there when I got home. I would recommend using a lighter application for this blush at least until you get a feel for the pigmentation. I was a little over zealous with application at first and then had to tone it down a bit.

You can get this blush from Shoppers (some stores could be out of stock by now) or online at for $32 CAD.

Happy shopping
-- Miranda