Maybelline Color Show - Blue Bombshell


Hi all, 
I recently picked up some new nail polish at Walmart (read: I bought 10 new polishes) and a few of what I picked up were from the Maybelline Color Show line. Retailing for $2.96 I figured if these ended up being good they'd be an absolute bargain. So far I've tried out two and already learned that not all the colours are created equal ( I will be talking about Pretty in Peach at the end of this post)
Blue bombshell (#335) is this gorgeous blue shade that is pretty bright but not overwhelmingly so (at least I don't think so). It was actually the exact colour I went out looking for so I was pretty stoked when I found it.

The formula for both the polishes I've tried so far have been quite thick. I was worried it would cause bubbling because in order to get a good application I did have to apply a lot of polish all at once. For this blue colour it wasn't a problem at all. Went on thick but no bubbles in sight.

I used two coats but you could get away with one if you wanted. Because it applies so thick it does take a while to dry.. so don't drink a bunch of tea before you paint your nails and then end up having to go to the bathroom a ton while you wait for them to dry (a lesson I've been taught many times but can never seem to remember).

As for staying power, one of my nails got a large chip about 2 days in which did not please me, but I repainted that nail and after that the rest lasted for about 5 days without chipping.

Overall for the less than $3 price tag I definitely think you get a good polish, not the best ever but definitely good.

However, I have also tried Pretty in Peach (#115) and it was not as good as this polish. I won't be doing a separate on it, all I have to say about this polish is the formula was the same but streaked much more on this colour than Blue Bombshell. It also bubbled a little bit (not a lot, but more than none) and over all was just not the nicest polish to work with, I needed 3 coats even though they were all thick. It's still cheaper than China Glaze's Sun of a Peach which is nearly identical in colour and exhibited many of the same issues with application as this polish. So if you really want a bright peach, may as well go for this one as its only $3.



  1. Do you have any ELF nail polishes?! I'd love to hear if you like them or not!

    1. I don't have any, just because shipping is so expensive from ELF to get it to Canada so I'd rather spend that money on a more expensive polish that I can have right away.