Blue Eyeshadow Look


Hi all,
This is going to be a pretty picture heavy post. I decided earlier this week that I wanted to use my Smashbox Eye Brightening Palette for something... and then ended up going in an entirely different direction and the result was a blue-eyeshadow look using one shade from Smashbox (and their eyeliner), one from MAC and one from Make-Up Forever. Keep reading to see how I got this eyeshadow look (I apologize in advance for the differences in lighting, this is my first eyeshadow "tutorial" even though I would personally call it more of a eyeshadow inspiration post)

From my Smashbox palette I used the Brightening Black - which is essentially black with blue sparkle, even though in pan it looks like it has a lot more blue pigment in it than it really does, and the shimmering navy eyeliner. 

The other two colours I used were Surreal by MAC and Make-Up Forever's No. 167

Above are swatches of the eyeshadows in the sun (top) and the shade (middle) and sun again (but with eyeliner this time - bottom picture)

Hopefully eyeball pictures don't freak you out.  I've already got mascara on because I tried this look out one afternoon randomly after work and I already had mascara on from earlier in the day - but that would normally be the fifth and final step.

Here's a closer up image of the look in the sun (the step by step pictures are from inside). Would I wear this as a day to day look? Probably not. Would I wear it for a night out? Maybe. I think it's a really pretty eye look that could go with a variety of blue dresses (maybe for prom?). Alternately if you just want to add a little colour to a neutral look, you could try popping MAC - Surreal in the inner corner to brighten things up.

-- Miranda 

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