Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara


Hi all,
Today I'm going to talk mascara. I bought this essence mascara a couple months ago and have been using it a lot this past month, it retails for $4.99 CAD.

What first drew me to the mascara was obviously the price but also the bight orange packaging and because orange is my favourite colour I couldn't really pass it up. You get some bonus dog in the background of this picture because he decided he needed to sit right where I was taking my pictures.

It has a plastic brush with a flexible end that wiggles back and forth a little (not a crazy amount or anything though)  and very short bristles (are they still called that if they're plastic?) which makes it easier to get to the lashes in the inner corner of your eye. 

Initially I hated this mascara. It was way too wet and I prefer dryer mascaras, so if you like a wetter formula you might like this one right off the bat, but I found it difficult to work with and it made my lashes clump together. However, after I let it dry out a bit it found it much easier to work with and it gave my lashes a lot of volume and definition without any clumping. 

By the end of the day it does flake off a little bit (if you look really closely at the ends of my lashes in the above pictures you can sort of see where little flake clumps are hanging on) but it's nothing too bad and nothing that bothered me. 

I also like that this mascara comes off very easily with water. That being said it is probably not a good one to use in very humid climates or for a night out if you're planning on going out to a club and getting all sweaty. But for a day time mascara I think it holds up really well (pictures above are after 7 hour work day) and it's hard to beat that $5 price tag. 



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