Hard Candy - Crush on Amethyst


Hi all,

A while ago a binge bought nail polish at Walmart and this was one of the polishes I picked up. I got it for $3.98 CAD which I thought was quite the bargain if it ended up being good - and it is (yay).

I love glittery polish and I definitely enjoyed this one. I also really like the bottle, it's tall and skinny and for some reason I enjoy that immensely - but it can make it harder to store if you've found drawers that just fit your other polishes.

I only needed 1 coat of this polish - and I am all about one coat polishes. It applied nice and evenly and wore for a good 5 days without any noticeable chipping. On my ring finger I decided to put two accent lines in white just to add a little something extra. 

This comes off as mostly purple, but it has silver in there as well and in some lights that silver comes off looking olive toned. 

A couple times when I tried to open the bottle the cap popped off instead of opening properly which happens sometimes with other polishes I have as well. It doesn't bother me much, just push down and turn when trying to open it and you shouldn't have any problems.

I really enjoyed the brush for this polish as well. It's wider than a typical brush but it is slimmer than a Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish brush which are very very wide (which I also enjoy).

Overall I really enjoyed this polish. Cheap, applied nicely in one coat, and no bubbling when it dried even though the coat was a bit thick. If you're looking for some sparkly polishes I would definitely recommend giving the hard candy ones a try. I have 3 others that I bought at the same time as this polish and I am eager to try them all.

-- Miranda 
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