Ipsy Bag - May 2014


Hi all,

Back in February I signed up for the Ipsy wait list and in May I got my first bag delivered (which was very exciting). For Ipsy if you live in the US you pay $10 every month for your subscription including shipping. However if you live in Canada you have to pay an additional $4.95 USD a month for shipping and other costs. The totally cost comes to $14.95/month USD but you also need to consider the exchange rate at the time.

Currently the Canadian dollar is doing pretty crap so the total cost came to $16.85 (the exchange rate was 1.12 at the time the transaction was processed). The main reason (other than just wanting fun samples) was to find out if the bag was worth it to get in Canada (turns out it is)

My first impression when I opened the package was that this bag design was adorable. I really liked it, it was a good one to start my subscription off with. 

So here's the breakdown (prices are approximate from sites that ship to Canada):
Avene Eau Thermale (50ml) : $4.66
Eva-NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask (60ml) - $1.96
Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria (3ml) - $4.80
Sans Tan Pure White Mineral Sunscreen (.5 oz) - $12.50
Pacifica Eyeshadow Duo (2.0 g - full size) - I couldn't find the price anywhere. I don't know where to find it but as its a full sized eyeshadow duo I'd say it could be anywhere between $8-$18

Total value of bag: $23.92 + the pacifica eyeshadow

So the bag was definitely worth more than I paid and I am happy enough with what I got, however about half the bag's value (not including the eyeshadow because I don't know how much it's worth) came from the sunscreen which is okay but I'd rather have gotten something more exciting.

Reviews of the products will come as I use them, I can say I probably won't be using the hair mask because the scent isn't something I am a fan of (its sort of sweet cupcake kind of scent but with something weird about it) but my roommate is using it so she can give me her take on it.

-- Miranda

Macadamia NoTangle Brush


Hi all,
Sorry I've been MIA for a while I have just moved and had to get everything through the mountains to a new city and paint my room and get everything set up (which I hope to make a post on once its all organized) and it has been quite a process.

Today I have a post about a hairbrush which might seem a bit random but I felt it was necessary because I refuse to use any other hairbrush. I've tried a bunch of other because the No Tangle brush by Macadamia is annoying to get your hands on in Canada but every time I go back to it.

I really wanted to include this comparison picture just so you can see how loved my old brush (left) was. I used it for 3+ years and it got a little bedraggled so I was excited to get my hands on some new ones.

I really like the shape of the overall brush it makes it easy and comfortable to hold and fit in your hand really nicely. 

You can see above there are alternating rows of short and long bristles. The main thing I love about this brush is that it doesn't hurt my head.  I know there are a lot of detangling brushes out there now but I still find (at least with all the ones I've tried) that the bristles are too stiff and hurt my head when I use them (it's possible I just have an overly sensitive head) but this brush doesn't do that the flexible bristles detangle without a lot of pulling and without feeling like in raking into the top of my head.

My original no tangle brush I got in a hair salon along with a bunch of other macadamia products but I haven't been able to find on in stores since then. If you live in the United States then you can get them online from macadamia hair (here), unfortunately at the time of me writing this post they do not deliver to Canada so I purchased my from amazon for $5 each (with an outrageous shipping fee). The price did make me a little wary as to if they might be fake or not, but it's working the same as my old one and doesn't hurt my head so either way I'm good with it.

-- Miranda